Sun 09.04.2023 | 20:00 UHR

Allysa Grace & Her Mana + Souljam Session


Badehaus Berlin
Souljam’s next session at Badehaus!
6 EUR Musician Price
9 EUR Normal Price

Allysa Grace is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas, now based in Berlin. Her latest release, Wondercolors, is an edgy catch on cultural identity. The silky, synth-ridden groove highlights her musicianship through peculiar melodies and satisfying cadences. Her lush delivery gives an insight to her experience with a lifetime of musicians. Allysa strives to make music that embodies a shared sense of comradery and timelessness; drenched in her love for a live rhythm-section and a sultry melody.
Her Mana is a duo comprised of Kate Robberson and Emilie Basez. They are American born artists, songwriters, and travelers that create an otherworldly soundscape that’s both refreshing and familiar. Like two currents that dance together, their sound forms swells of sonic intensity and rivers of mantric melody. Their collaboration on stage captivates audiences through a tender, playful, and powerful presence.
Followed by the legendary Souljam house band and then a open jam session this is not going to be one to miss.