Badehaus is committed to values of non-discrimination, consent, respect and tolerance. We strongly advocate for a space in which all of our visitors feel welcome and whose boundaries are respected. Should you witness or be subjected to discrimination of any sort, please refer to our awareness-trained team members for support, or reach us out on the following E-Mail address :

Code of Conduct

Our establishment stands by the following values:

Non-discrimination : all are welcome.
We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in regards to diversity, prejudice, racism, xenophobia, nationalism, intolerance, homophobia, bullying or hate speech.

Consent : Only yes means yes.
We act according to the consensus principle. Actions and conversations only take place with mutual consent and individual boundaries are respected. No always means no. And only yes means yes.

Respect and tolerance : Let’s take care of one another.
We are considerate and respectful of everyone’s identity, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, ability or ethnicity. We practice tolerance and keep in mind that what is normal for someone is not necessarily so for everyone.