Sat 31.08.2024 | 19:00 UHR






Doors open : 19:00
Action : 19:45
Rehearsals :

S.P.O.C.K returns to Berlin for a unique event.
Last year the band celebrated 35 years of spock’n’roll adventures, and did so by putting on an unusual amount of shows – especially full club sets! In fact, so many that we couldn’t fit Berlin in. Well, we’ve heard the calls, and are acting accordingly: come join our 36 Year Anniversary! It may be an odd number, but who cares – it’s the same pleasure as last year, and every year.
It’ll actually also be our 10th show in Berlin ever! And, we haven’t done a proper full club set in Berlin since 1999 – that’s quarter of a century ago!! So, loads to celebrate – and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do! It’ll be a truly extraordinary evening, with all the hits and all the fun, when we do our only club show in 2024. You sure don’t wanna miss this super special evening! We did pick a smaller venue for the intimate atmosphere, so we expect this too to sell out (as we usually do nowadays) – set phasers on fun and join the festivities.
We’re extra happy to have Formalin as icing on the cake and very special guests – they’re no newcomers and we trust them completely to pump up the volume and get the party started.

— The elevator pitch (should it be needed) —
S.P.O.C.K : providing high quality electronic spacepop since 1988! Five albums, including several hit singles, plus extensive touring throughout the years, have established the band as a cult classic, still going strong. Despite creativity being scarce the past two decades, the intergalactic boy band has continuously done shows, predominantly at major festivals, always evolving, and is now actually at their peak on stage! S.P.O.C.K live is well known to be fun-packed, highly energetic and yet extremely professional – it’s the perfect getaway and uplifting experience.