Membership Program

Discover an opportunity to engage with Berlin's music and entertainment scene in a more accessible way. We introduce our exclusive Membership Program, offering access to our events at a 50% reduced ticket price.
Together with our promoters, bands, musicians and artists, we'll assess sales a week before events, potentially opening discounted spots for members to ensure diverse audiences, and support local talent.

The Membership Program offers

  • 50% Reduced Ticket Prices: Enjoy our diverse events at half the cost, supporting local talent and cultural diversity.
  • Musical and Scene Diversity: Immerse yourself in different musical cultures, supporting local artists and bands, fostering their growth and recognition.
  • Exclusive and Limited Membership: Be quick to secure your place! We are limiting participation to ensure an intimate and inclusive experience.

Join us in embracing musical diversity and supporting local artists and bands. Become part of a community that values inclusivity and promotes cultural richness through music.

Membership Guide

Upon becoming a member, access your account to browse and choose from all events or those with available member spots. Book your spot through the event page, conveniently located at the beginning of the event Info. Adjust and edit your account and bookings through your account page. Event spots typically open about a week before the event, some even earlier, so stay vigilant for new opportunities.

Once the membership reaches its capacity, no new spots will be available, maintaining the exclusivity of this offer.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries at:

Attention: As we launch our exclusive membership program this month, take advantage of the opportunity to become a member and receive 50% off various concerts. During our three-month trial period, our special price is only available to the first members who register within this period. You benefit from membership at a price of €10/month (+ VAT) until you decide to cancel. Please note that if you cancel this specific membership, you will no longer be able to register again before May. However, starting in May, you will always have the option to sign up for our official 6 and 12 month plans.

Membership conditions
  • Book your place at any time, subject to availability, but cancellations are only possible up to 12 hours before the event. For late cancellations, please contact us at
  • If you do not show up for the booked event without canceling, we reserve the right to terminate your membership.
  • Members who violate house or membership rules will lose their membership.
  • Booked places are reserved exclusively for members.
  • The membership discount applies to the paid month. If you book a spot for a future event after your membership has expired, you will not receive a discount and must make full payment at the box office.
  • The membership expires automatically if you do not renew it. You will receive a reminder email before it expires.
  • Membership is non-cancellable and no refund will be given after the 50% entry fee has been used at least once.

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