Thu 15.02.2024 | 19:00 UHR






Badehaus Berlin
Einlass 19:00
Beginn 20:00
Support: Lail & Lomar / Linda Esperanza


The indie sensation from Berlin’s vibrant heart fuses psychedelic flair with raw funk in their spellbinding soundscapes. Each track is a masterful blend of irresistibly catchy pop. This dynamic quartet, bound by deep friendship and a shared love for melody, invites you on a transcendental musical journey. Now, they’re elevating their energetic live performances with the addition of Lonny Flowers, their charismatic new lead singer. Experience KEI CAR’s indie anthems live, where every note promises an unforgettable escape.

Special Guest 1: Lail & Lomar
The project Lail&Lomar was founded in summer 2022 by two songwriters/composers from Berlin who connected over their similar music taste and influences. Lail&Lomar’s music stands for independence, genre-fluidity/blending, experimental elements and energy! Currently, they are working on an EP together with their band including e-bass (Saba Kassa Jasper), guitar (Celine Sholten), drums (Mia Ohlmeier) and sax (Mario Kuwahara).

Special Guest 2: Linda Esperanza
Linda Esperanza is a singer-songwriter from Brazil. Experimental, magical and energetic, in 2020 she moves to Berlin in order to create her career and starts to create her own songs, presenting them weekly in open mics in Berlin; her energetic stage presence has been impacting people around the globe creating a new type of contemporary music that she performs unapologetically. Her soft voice it’s like a breeze that catches our ears, while she sings about tough topics such as searching for a home, what it means to be a woman, and her search for freedom. Influenced by jazz, Brazilian grooves, pop melodies and folky sounds, she jumps from one genre to another and puts all of them together where she creates the sound of Linda Esperanza.