Sun 21.07.2024 | 20:00 UHR

Francisco, el Hombre




It’s time to celebrate the history of Francisco, el Hombre! The band formed by Mateo Piracés-Ugarte, Sebastianismos, LAZÚLI, Helena Papini, and Andrei Kozyreff celebrated a decade on the road with the album and tour 10 YEARS throughout 2023. Now, moving towards new goals, the group announces a hiatus – or „creative siesta,“ as the artists describe it – but before that, they present another tour and a new album, titled “HASTA EL FINAL”. It will be like a cathartic party, already traditional in Francisco, el Hombre’s performances.

The arrival of the new work symbolizes everything the quintet has built over the years with their fans, while also encouraging them to understand each individual’s uniqueness. „At the turn of this year, we felt the need to look back and understand who we are,“ reflects Mateo. The aim of this moment is to contemplate the group’s entire history in order to honor a new period. „After 10 years playing together, we realized the importance of this break, so that each one can bring something new to the band and to revolutionize ourselves as individuals,“ concludes the vocalist.