Sa 06.08.2022 | 23:00 UHR

YAAM im Exil: Calamidades Lola and Amuleto Manuela pst. Coco Maria


Badehaus Berlin
Yaam im Exil – Main Floor
Coco maria comes back to Berlin for a summer night to share her latest musical treasures!
Calamidades Lola and Amuleto Manuela are happy to host their musical sister Coco Maria. In this evening, this three amazing and inspiring dj selectress will bring rhythms and musical pearls from the global heart to make you dance.
Come around!
Coco Maria born in Mexico, where she grew up surrounded by the sound of music, rapidly developing not only a love for listening to the sounds of her childhood, but for sharing it too. Her taste for high vibration music led Coco to discover afro-latin rhythms from South and Central America, Brazil, the Caribbean, and beyond. Today, her selection is a mixture of joyful and obscure gems ranging from jazz to samba, latin-funk, cumbia, alongside an assortment of rarities from sunnier, far-off places.
Coco María hosts her flagship morning show „Breakfast Club Coco“ on Gilles Peterson´s London based online radio Worldwide FM. She can also be found showcasing her original sounds at festivals globally such as Worldwide Sète, Dekmantel, We out Here and more.
Amuleto Manuela is an artist and dj-selectress based in Berlin and born in what we nowadays call Colombia. Through music and sound she searches for joyful ways of encountering and embodying cultures, rhythms and visions from the global south. Glimpsing other ways of inhabiting life.
Calamidades Lola is a vinyl record hunter and dj-selector born and raised in Barranquilla, a city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia with a powerful culture of celebration where music is a sure path to joy and liberation. She frequently travels to her country of origin, to dig up & present some vinyl gems to honor an introduce her versatile musical & cultural heritage.
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