Sa 22.10.2022 | 23:30 UHR

Ultra-Violeta presenta: Putivuelta


Badehaus Berlin
from: 23:30
until: 05:30

Ultra-Violeta arrives in this clandestine city, far from the visible spectrum, in the darkness that disinhibits our bodies; the night that calls desire!
Next Saturday 22nd of October, together with @entretropicos @nofutureb3rl1n and @discoscoleto we are pleased to present @putivueltabogota

The Colombian underground queer collective arrives to Berlin with their unique Aleteo-core style seeking to blur social standards and embrace everything that can be considered unclassifiable and misunderstood for a night of Guaracha, Neo-Perreo beats and intense thrills.

DJ Putilla
Prince of Deptford
DJ Chola

performance by @muzadelaluz

Discrimination, harassment and violence of any kind will not be tolerated. Dancefloor is for dancing! Consent is mandatory. We reserve the right of admission.
Artwork by: @putivueltabogota 💗😈