Sa 23.07.2022 | 23:00 UHR

Tropical Rotations

Badehaus Berlin
AK: bis 00:00h – 10€
ab 00h – 12€

Presenting all the tropical sounds and flavors in its great diversity of Latin American rhythms, such as Samba, Carimbó, northeast rhythms, Afro Brazilian Beats, Funk, Soul, Boogie, Disco, Rare Grooves, Drum and Bass and Funky Dance, Bruta Flor Productions brings TROPICAL ROTATIONS to Badehaus!
A night full of promise to heat up Berlin’s dance floors.

Host DJ: Hélio Pelosi @helio_pelosi
Hélio Pelosi is a Brazilian DJ based in Berlin, Germany since 2009. His passion for Brazilian records is an ongoing project, always digging up gems, awakening a sound from a forgotten time.

Guest DJ: Saib @saib_eats
Saib started his career in the early 2010s by posting his productions on Soundcloud that he crafted from his room in Morocco. His insatiable desire to create comes from his childhood.
He is passionate about Bossa Nova, Japanese Anime Soundtracks, Jazz as well as old school hip-hop, he draws his inspiration from composers and musicians such as Yoko Kanno, Joe Pass, Nujabes.

Produced by : Bruta Flor Productions
Production of Brazilian shows and events in Berlin.