So 22.09.2024 | 19:00 UHR




Trinity Music

Verlegt ins Hole44

Badehaus Berlin
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00

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Tors make the kind of songs you shout along to in the car alone with the windows down, just before last call in a pub full of friends, and on packed festival fields anywhere in the world. The UK trio of brothers Matt and Theo Weedon joined by friend Jack Bowden rally around driving rhythms, cinematic soundscapes, and life-affirming anthemic hooks anchored by the innate personal and creative connection between them. After generating millions of streams and playing to packed houses around the world, this bond among bandmates is central to their sound, and it also drives their Glassnote Records debut.
“This band is family,” Matt proclaims. “There are ups and downs, but we make up really quickly.
It’s a brotherhood with the boys, and it’s a community with our fans. If one of us isn’t feeling it,
it doesn’t work. We’re moving towards the same goal. We want to be a big stadium rock band
that makes pop songs that mean a lot to people. That’s what Tors is.”