Sa 27.01.2024 | 23:30 UHR

TIQ – quadratic wave –




TIQ – quadratic wave –

STEREOVOID [Objetrouvé]

Badehaus Berlin
Revaler Str. 99

VOLCAN is one of the most promising figure of the French dark synth scene. Both spectacular and intimate, noisy and enveloping, oscillating between dark ambient, minimal synth & cold electronica, his machine-based live performances, built around evolving loops, construct atmospheric and hypnotic landscapes and are accompanied by projections emulated by a synth-video also played live.
In 2020 he released an eponymous split album on Berlin based label Objetrouvé with HØRD. ‘Chanson pour le néant’ that has just been released on Objetrouvé is his third opus.
At the invitation of TIQ he will perform his first release concert for this album in Berlin. The record will be exclusively available on merch during the evening among some of the latest releases of Objetrouvé label (Peine Perdue, Martial Canterel, Soloist Anti Pop Totalization, UFO Shadow etc.)

OBJETROUVÉ is a label dedicated to limited edition records of synth, wave, minimal and experimental music. Based in Berlin and Marseille, the label is run by the musician and artist Stephane Argillet Stereovoid, who is also a member of the synth duet Peine Perdue as well as the art-punk band La Chatte. In a world of digitalized ephemeral streams, its aim is to rematerialize music and re-enchant the record as a « record-object » to appropriate and fetishize. Each record is a special concept produced by Stereovoid in collaboration with or inspired by the universe of the invited artists. They are produced in two versions. The “COLLECTOR” edition consists in 20 unique pieces, all different, handcrafted as singular art pieces. The “STANDARD” edition is a more simple and affordable version of the same record, produced in a numbered series of about 200 copies.
To date, in addition to Stéphane’s projects (Peine Perdue and La Chatte), the label has collaborated with artists such as the cult New York synth artist Martial Canterel, Arnaud Lazlaud (aka Automelodi) from Montreal, important figures from the emerging French synth scene such as Luminance, Volcan, Hørd or Madmoizel, or from the Japanese scene (Soloist Anti Pop Totalization and Jin Cromanyon), and with the english band This is the Bridge. Upcoming releases include a three-way collaboration between Latvian poet Sergej Timofeiev and musicians OID and Stereovoid under the name ‚Things and Fingers‘, the first LP of Oberst Panizza’s side project under the name UFO SHADOW, and the debut album of Berlin-based dreamesque band Sir Percy.