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Robert Pettersson, Tomas Wallin, Mattias Larsson, Chris Rehn and Kristoffer Söderström are the brilliant minds who together form one of the largest bands ever to be conceived in Sweden – tAKiDA. tAKiDA formed in 1999. With their first couple of demo recordings things got going organically as they started to spread in their home regions and further to Swedens wildlife region Värmland. Slowly but surely the reputation about the Ånge based group reached the rest of the country. With a record deal secured the debut album “Make You Breathe” was released in 2006, which in short put them in a spot as one of the biggest up and coming rock acts in Sweden.
They stayed on the road and kept gradually building up a large live audience. In 2007 the quintet got their well-deserved breakthrough with the single “Curly Sue”. The song sold 10 x platinum and broke records by placing 54 weeks on Svensktoppen (Sweden’s biggest radio chart show). Since then, radio successes have been constant with songs such as “Handlake Village”, “The Things We Owe” and “You Learn”, with which Takida has established themselves as one of the most played bands on Swedish radio during the 2000s. tAKiDA have secured no less than five #1 albums on the Swedish chart, becoming one of the best-selling bands in Sweden.
In 2018, the international career took off when joining forces with BMG. With the singles “Master” and “What About Me?” from the critically acclaimed album “Sju”, came their breakthrough in the German market. “Master” proved to be one of Takida’s greatest radio successes of all time, reaching #1 on Svensktoppen, #122 on German mainstream radio charts and #1 on German rock radio charts, while the album “Sju” reached #29 on German album charts. In 2019, tAKiDA celebrated 20 years as a band and at the beginning of 2020, they embarked on a Nordic anniversary tour just before the COVID-19 breakout. In 2021, tAKiDA continues their success in Germany with the new track “Goodbye” that is quickly becoming their biggest radio track so far. The new album “Falling From Fame” was released on the 27th of August and is followed by their biggest Scandinavian and German tour to date.