Do 15.12.2022 | 19:00 UHR




Badehaus Berlin

ATER Fondazione and Emilia-Romagna Music Commission in collaboration with Bologna – Unesco City of Music present SUONO GRASSO.
The second episode of SUONO GRASSO, which will be held in the Badehaus club in Berlin, turns the spotlight on the varied world of indie productions in the Emilia-Romagna region by proposing 6 projects.

(alphabetical order)
Cemento Atlantico
Giardini di Mirò
Julian Zyklus
Savana Funk

SUONO GRASSO is a new initiative of Emilia-Romagna Music Commission and ATER Fondazione with the aim of developing and nurturing the region’s international connections in the field of popular music, across all musical forms and genres,
The mission is fully shared with Bologna – Unesco City of Music, which has been a partner in the project since its first stage in London, in a strategic synergy for the full development of the regional music movement outside Italian borders.
SUONO GRASSO Berlin will also be an opportunity to highlight the work of some Emilia-Romagna labels: from the historic Garrincha, a Bologna-based label that presents Savana Funk, to the very active Bronson Recordings (linked to the historic Ravenna club) present with Cemento Atlantico and R.Y.F. to the newly formed Locomotiv Records that has recently released the debut of the trio Korobu.
SUONO GRASSO aims to visit as many cities, scenes and types of music as possible, organizing small and large events outside Italy to support the regional scene in Emilia-Romagna.
SUONO GRASSO (FAT SOUND in English, after the typical sound of the 1980s, but also a reference to the region’s legendary fertile agriculture and rich cuisine) is as abundant as the music of the region itself, and includes an ever-growing network of dozens of musicians, producers, and festivals.