So 12.02.2023 | 20:00 UHR

Souljam Session


Badehaus Berlin

(Opener TBA)
Souljam’s next session at Badehaus!
Souljam was born as a collective of musicians centered around communication and community. Set up in the summer of 2021, the collective hosted jams open to all, with the aim of creating connections in a music scene disrupted by COVID-19. The core band is made up of musicians from around the world and perform music that aims to uplift the soul and move the feat through hip-hop, disco and house grooves.
Performing sets that are fully improvised, the collective is just as much about the communication with the audience as it is between the musicians. Each show aims to create an in-the-moment experience between the musicians and the performance to create unique musical moments that elevates the room to a be a sum greater than its individual parts