So 29.03.2020 | 19:00 UHR

ABGESAGT: Sean Haefeli // Homie // D. $ahin


Das Konzert wurde leider abgesagt!

Presenting an eclectic night of original music, with artists from across the globe, connected through their love of honest and soulful expression.

Sean Haefeli:
The uniquely talented, Berlin-based vocalist/emcee/pianist, represents a new breed, schooled in jazz, soul and hip-hop, able to execute with an emcee’s sense of flow, a singer’s melodic sensibilities, and a jazz pianist’s soaring improvisations. With his sonorous and warm vocals, the comparisons range from Andy Bey to Gil Scott-Heron to Myka 9. As the writer, Kalamu ya Salaam has written, “Sometimes it swings, sometimes it grooves, but there is always something emotionally moving going on.”

A Berlin based band that connects elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz and Neo-Soul into a unique crossover sound. Spacy and dreamy chords come together with energetic grooves and honey dripping vocals which despite their sweetness, deliver a shattering and honest content. The Band’s rapper and singer, Maura Souloud, released her first Vinyl Beats Vers_s Bad Karma in 2015, with which she became a well-known name in the local Hip-Hop scene. In 2017 she teamed up with some of Berlin’s finest jazz musicians who share her passion for Hip-Hop: Pier Ciaccio (IT) on drums, Or Rozenfeld (IL) on bass and Tobias Meyer (DE) on guitar and synthesizer.

D. $ahin :
Originally from Istanbul, Dilek Sahin came to Germany in the early 1990’s with her family as refugees and was granted asylum and eventually citizenship. Her roots are in traditional Turkish music (she studied Saz, the Turkish ‚guitar‘) but singing along to Michael Jackson tapes gave her a powerful technique for soul music.