Mi 12.05.2021 | 20:00 UHR

VERLEGT: Savage Wear Fetish Night 2021


Neuer Termine: 25.5.2022

Let’s try it again!
? „You gotta feel Berlin“ ?
The Berlin based latex label Savage Wear enrichs the great Fetish Weekend in Berlin with its own party, to bring guests, models, artists, designers and makers together for a relaxed night with cool drinks and dark sounds.
Meet other people, enjoy Berlin’s best parties and celebrate with us.

Supporting the kinky scene since 2001

Music at the Dancefloor: DJ Marvin (Dark Side, Insomnia, Königin der Nacht, Dark Friday, Kitkat)
Show: t.b.d.
Official Photographer: Heinrich v. Schimmer
Show around midnight
Outdoor area
Cloakroom available, but no possibility to change clothes.
No dresscode, but of course, we love Latex ?
Entrance: 5€

Badehaus Berlin is located at the RAW area in Berlin Friedrichshain. Use the RAW entrance from Revaler Straße / Simon Dach Straße.

Pics from 2019 (Badehaus Berlin):
Pics from 2018 (Badehaus Berlin):
Pics from 2017 (Badehaus Berlin):
Pics from 2016 (Red Rooster):
Title Picture by Heinrich v. Schimmer