Fr 16.06.2023 | 19:00 UHR

Santa Salut


Badehaus Berlin

Influenced by Hip-Hop since childhood, Santa Salut was born in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 1998. He grew up in the streets of her city, where she started writing with 16 years old, creating lyrics with clear references of 80, 90 and 00 Hip-Hop. She got on a stage for the first time in 2018, acting among small clubs of Barcelona, reflecting the Hip-Hop culture in her songs, which also contain a social, revolutionary and feminist theme, as so as energetics rhythms. In 2018 she releases her first demo tape „Conversaciones Internas“ and publishes some singles such as: „Bala Perdida“, „90 retro“, „Marcada“, and „Herida abierta“. Santa Salut is synonym of attitude, dynamism, and high expresivity on the stage. Recently she has participated in the state-wide campaign „Pasión No es Posesión“ of the DGVG with „Swit Eme“, another catalan rapper who will be making a tour („Juega tus Cartas“) with Santa Salut through the whole country.