Fr 07.04.2023 | 23:30 UHR

Queens Alliance #2


Badehaus Berlin

Queens Alliance #2
The Roots Daughters and Badehaus invite you to a night full of vibes, exclusive dubplate and vinyl selections, message music, live mc-ing and a proper soundsystem healing session.
With “Queens Alliance” we`re opening up a platform to share stories and sounds from an underrepresented perspective – so join us in breaking down barriers with the uplifting power of reggae music (&beyond!) through a proper, soul shaking Soundsystem experience.
As springtime is here, we want to give thanks and celebrate the transition into a new season & cycle of renewal, growth and nature awakening.

Line up:
Hosted by Roots Daughters (Berlin)

Founded in 2009. Heavily inspired by rastafari and Jamaican/UK sound system culture, their sessions are a space of upliftment, connection, empowerment, sharing vibes, reasonings & music.
They are passionate soundsystem heads & vinyl collectors who will make you experience Reggae Music in all it’s beauty and versatility – from its foundations to recent releases.
With their new custom-built sound system they’re grateful to take their journey to the next level and share it with the people.