Sa 25.05.2024 | 19:00 UHR

Prismala & Friends presents… Jiska




DOORS: 19.00 / SHOW: 20.00

Welcome to „Prismala & Friends,“ a 3-show concert series to celebrate music, community and connection. At each event, Prismala will fuse their alternative soul sound with a handpicked musical artist in Berlins infamous Badehaus. After a magical first show with Belgium’s dreamy Iskander Moon, the series is set to return for round 2 on Saturday, the 25th of May.

Hailing all the way from southern Germany, Prismala proudly presents Jiska and her band as the second guest of the Prismala & Friends event series.

JISKA, real name Jana Franziska Binder, was born in 1999 in the Stuttgart area and has been surrounded by music from her very first breath. Her grandfather runs a music school, her mother and uncle are professional musicians, while blues and soul records are constantly on rotation in the living room at home. JISKA plays the violin from an early age, sees the inside of backstage before she enters a school building and becomes a bass player in a youth band at the age of eleven.
Over the years the exceptional singer has optimised her soulful, funky signature sound. Between Hammond organ, dusty trumpets, haptic drumming, bouncing basslines and ascetically placed sounds from the animal world, JISKA creates a playful soundscape that stylishly combines classical music and progressive pop understanding.
With her latest release, the sophomore EP „At The Duck Pond“, JISKA has impressively cemented her position as one of the most exciting voices to come out of Germany. Having toured Germany as support of Betterov and Rhodes, placing songs on German radio and being nominated for the New Music Awards 2022 by Deutschlandfunk Nova, JISKA’s future is shining very, very bright.

In the heart of this electrifying series was, is and remains Prismala, your charismatic hosts. A band built on friendship and deep connection – to each other and to music. Unifying its four members‘ diverse backgrounds, Prismala blurs the boundaries between neo-soul, alternative rock and indie.

Following the release of the single „Places To Be“ in 2022 the project grew immensely within a short time. Building on this momentum, Prismala released its biggest body of work, the album ‚It Gets Weirder‘ in the summer of 2023. An album that holds up a mirror to the modern world and its ever-growing complexity. Celebrating the release with a historic and never before done show in Berlin’s Renaissance Theatre, Prismala continued to present the album’s genre-crossing sound at a string of shows in and around Berlin over the course of 2023.

Latest release ‚The King‘ cements the bands ever-evolving and yet recognisable soulful and danceable sound. Celebrating its world premiere on the renowned ‚Lokalmatador‘ show of Berlins radio1 vom rbb, ‚The King‘ signifies the first of many exciting releases planned for 2024. Coming off their biggest year in their history, Prismala’s new era is looking more colourful than ever! 🩷🩵💚💛

Join us as we build not just a series of events but a living, breathing community. „Prismala & Friends“ is your invitation to escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and become part of a movement that celebrates the beauty of connections and music. 🎶✨

The magic continues on Saturday, 25th of May 2024 – Prismala & Friends presents… Jiska.