So 30.04.2023 | 19:00 UHR

Pølaroit & Deorbiting



Badehaus Berlin

Operating out of the European techno Mecca that is Berlin, Deorbiting – alias Christian Schilgen and Christoph Deckert, now joined by their Austrian drummer, Bernhard – aren’t your umpteenth purveyors of big-room quivers and woofer-busting basswaves. Veering off the main stream of genre-bound electronics, the German outfit has been forging its own musical concept with little to no regards toward “scenes” and “trends”. 2022’s album “Space House” was a true manifesto of their wide-screen vision, all eyes set on vaster sonic expanses and new trails to blaze for both club-friendly/not-focused material – best experienced live in all its unfiltered, crowd-moving glory.
Meanwhile, space and time both play a central role in pølaroit’s music. A felt connection to Jonas and Marius’ hometowns in northern Germany, their geography, as well as a sense of pertaining to a specific instant in time, a generation, are being expressed in the duo’s strain of melodic deep house. Their chosen name pølaroit is a reference to the idea of capturing a moment and it pays tribute to both their northern roots (Polar) as well as the birthplace of techno (Detroit). While their debut “expedition into” on Stil vor Talent defined the duo’s moody sound, settling on melancholic downtempo and uplifting melodies, more recent offerings on NORR or Ki Records continue to draw on the dichotomy of the same emotions but incapsulate a more urgent sense of presence and liveliness. Energies they translate seamlessly into their captivating live-sets.

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