Do 09.02.2023 | 19:00 UHR

Out of The Rabbit Hole



Doors: 19:00

This night will take you on a journey through all kinds of rock and indie music, from vintage to modern and everything in between. Woody Woodstock is going to take us into the future with his Hip-Hop infused Theatrical Rock will take you on a colorful yet emotional journey. He works closely with a wide range of musicians, artist and designers to create his bespoke and stunning image.

Then comes Marni Came who will get your blood pumping with their dark material and unhinged stage antics! A Berlin based rock band that takes influences from contemporary music and the last few decades. They combine British Rock, Metal and Grunge with poppy and gritty melodies that will surely get you in a fiery frenzy! Only if you let yourself go…

Finally, The Usual Boys will take you on a trip that will make you question if you’re in the past or the present. Equally inspired by the white heat of disco and afrobeat, as the perverted dirge of the Berlin club scene. With all this energy hailing from different worlds and contrasting scenes, they were unified by a need to cut through the noise, take risks and make indie feel electric again.