Do 30.11.2023 | 19:00 UHR

Move 78


Badehaus Berlin
Early bird 10,00 € + 1,30 €
2nd release 13,00 €
General admission 16,00 €

Move 78 return to Badehaus to showcase their unique blend of free-flowing, improvised jazz and programmed, automated hip-hop. After building a name for themselves online and on vinyl (200k monthly listeners on Spotify & two albums and two ep released at the time of writing), the band have been expanding their sound on stages across Europe and will be playing brand new material on the night!

Otis Mensah is a musician and multidisciplinary artist exploring the intersection of poetry and experimental music(s). Taking influence from the rhythmic and expressive freedom of Jazz, Otis’ work uses aesthetic language as an instrument to solo through themes of race, identity, gender and the body.

Rafa Cunha, aka Rafush is a Berlin-based DJ, Host, and Graphic Artist. She is the co-founder of the newborn collective BIPOC Yoko Yoko, member of the multi-disciplinary Ouch collective, and the FLINT+ collective Belladona, Rafush has many topics on her agenda.