Fr 09.09.2022 | 23:00 UHR

La Noche presents: LA CURA


Badehaus Berlin

Summer is about to come to an end and we want to send it off with a big BANG! That’s why this time we bring to you the vibrant Cumbia sound of the great band @lacura, who will have us dancing in unison to the vigorous beat of their ancestral drums and the sizzling melodies of Colombian Folklore.

After the Concert we will have our classic 2 DANCEFLOORS at @badehaus with a lineup of 6 Djs that will delight us with the heavy sound of SALSA and the scintillating, infectious grooves of AFROBEATS to dance the night away.. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!
When? 9th of September 22pm
Where? @badehaus_berlin

Live music by: @lacuraberlin
Line-up :

Afro floor
Jean Cloud @soulkissesart_official
Coco Calypso @claireprofile
Cuby @soycuby

Latin floor
El profe
Rodo Le Fou

Artwork by