So 10.07.2022 | 20:00 UHR

Kebaby + Souljam Session


Badehaus Berlin
Doors: 20:00hs
Start: 21:00hs

Kebaby is a space-funk project based out of Berlin. Influenced heavily by the fusion-funk of the late 1970s and jazz-house music of the last few decades, Kebaby provides a psychedelic, grooving, and improvisational experience. The goal is to curate a dance-floor feeling like that of a DJ set, but with a fresh dimension of live sparkling synths, swirling trombone melodies, and a bouncing rhythm section.
Followed by the Souljam house band and then open jam session.

12 EUR door


Gefördert von der Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien & der Initiative Musik im Rahmen der Förderung „Neustart Kultur“.