Sa 12.08.2023 | 23:00 UHR

Frecuencias Simultáneas


Badehaus Berlin
Doors: 23:00
Entry – 10 euros

Dj Cidtronyck is a well-known Chilean Dj & Producer, through years he has digged and collected several vinyls, in this Dj’s collection you’ll find gems in genres such as Funk, Salsa, Cumbia, Afro Beat, Soul, Funk Carioca, DanceHall and much more… 🎶
Dj Perez is a well known name in the Chilean hip hop world. He is a Dj, Turntablist, Sound Engineer, and Music Producer. Member of the renowned hip hop band Mente Sabia Crú, who already have 6 works released as a band.
Sacha is a Berlin-based musician who will be selecting the best hip-hop grooves to make you melt at the dancefloor.

We will play delicious sets of Hip Hop, Funky Carioca, Afrohouse, Cumbia, Funk, and Dancehall that will make you dance until the last beat sounds.

Line Up and Programm:
Warm Up >>> Sacha
Show >>>>>> DJ Perez & Cidtronyck

Don’t miss this incredible chance to shake your body at the rhythm of our sweet styles 🎶🙌🏽