Fr 24.03.2023 | 23:30 UHR

Fania Brava Party


Badehaus Berlin
Tickets at the door: 12€

On March 24, the @faniabravaparty returns with two dancefloors and a full house of Perreo en Salsa. Six Latina Djanes coming from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela blasting the sexiest music in town.

Perreo Floor:
Obstsalat @all.about.tati
La Niña Jacarandá @lanina_jacaranda
Mangle @mariaestrellapz
Salsa Floor:
Dracaena @mariiiiiajoseee
Amuleto Manuela @amuletomanuela

Everybody is welcome!
We don’t accept racism, harassment, sexism, homophobia.