Mi 30.09.2020 | 20:00 UHR



D.$AHIN LIVE @ Badehaus Terrasse

D.$AHIN has been part of many adventures but the most fascinating journey happens within oneself. Her lyrics tell stories of self-discovery and reflection, hard questions and inner conversations. Born in Istanbul, brought up in Germany there are many tales that she can use as inspiration to ease the transition to an understanding of her surroundings.

Tales of confusion combining the blessings and curses of growing up bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Stories of hope as she paved her way to becoming an artist and outspoken feminist. Transformations as she picked up instruments along the way and became more and more fluid in the language of music.

All her stories are a love letter to life and its obstacles. The concept of life cannot be worded, rather felt, and despite singing in three different languages D.$AHIN`s strongest suit is to capture her audience with an emotive and vulnerable persona, disarming the listener emotionally with a voice that carries them into a reflective state of mind.

Line Up:
D.$ahin (Vocals, Guitar)
Allysa Grace (Keys)
Adam Har Zuf (Bass)
Limited capacities of seats
Free admission – donations welcome