Fr 26.11.2021 | 21:00 UHR



Badehaus Berlin
Start: 21:00

On November 26 Batila invites you to Badehaus for a very special concert to celebrate the release of his new album TATAMANA.
After the concert we will all dance to the beats of Freak de l’Afrique at their „The Afro House Xperience“ party.

Batila grew up hearing a blend of urban Congolese music, reggae, rock and pop and processes this early learning in songs that negotiate political issues over gripping rhythms. His debut album Tatamana, recorded with the band The DreamBus in Berlin, Paris and Kinshasa, can be seen as a journey through space and time: TATAMANA has 15 original songs, and the name translates from Kikongo as ‘Hold Onto What
You Love’ which for BATILA includes personal freedom, parental love, black love, fighting for one’s rights, freedom from self-imposed limitations such as self-hate and doubting one’s own abilities. TATAMANA is an album with personal and political commentary from BATILA yet sung with catchy rhythms and beautiful vocal hooks and harmonies. BATILA is a master of understated relevance, as a modern story-teller and political commentator, the album has minimalist lyrics yet maximum relevance.It mediates between the cities and musical cultures just as it brings the past into the present to forge a forward-looking sound.. The Official Album Release is on the 19th of November. Preorder Album here

Artwork by Devina modi
photo by: Daron Bandeira