So 07.08.2022 | 19:00 UHR

Anne Had a Baby + Souljam Session


Badehaus Berlin
Doors: 19:00hs
Start: 20:00hs

Anne Had a Baby is a Berlin based project that involves musicians from every part of the globe. Musicians from Spain, Italy, England and Australia come together to create a peculiar sound which is transmitted through the storytelling lense of vocalist Sara Vidal. The rest of the sextet follow her delicate songwriting and leadership to create a captivating experience for the audience.
The result is a crossover between RnB and soul with an input of Spanish and neo-jazz influences that will take you through a journey of tension, beauty and relief.

5 EUR Guest List Preis
8 EUR Normal Preis

Gefördert von der Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien & der Initiative Musik im Rahmen der Förderung „Neustart Kultur“.