Do 30.12.2021 | 19:00 UHR

Aÿa’s Grand Finale for 2021



Doors: 19:00 / Start: 20:00

Seated show with 2G+ regulations and limited capacity.

Aÿa’s Grand Finale for 2021
support: D.$ahin

Join us for a magical gathering led by two of the most incredible voices of Berlin’s pop and soul scene.

Headlining the show, AŸA will enchant you with her exquisite storytelling in an intimate setup with guitarist Francesco Fusco. Those that have seen her shows before, know that every performance is a truly unique experience. With her unique twist of Moroccan and Yemeni roots combined with contemporary pop and her vast experiences as a performer, Aÿa always delivers excellence. Coming from a crisis environment with a lot of social turbulence, she has mastered the skill of musical storytelling as she has so much to say. She has performed in circuses, theatres, arenas for hundreds of thousands, star observatories and also homes and streets.

The evening will start with the soul power of D.$ahin. Her performances bloom in energy and sensitivity, combining the blues of the hardships of being a refugee, a woman of a working class immigrants with her endless passion for life and music. Her voice is bright and soft, and her guitar playing smooth as butter. She also plays the Turkish instrument saz, as well as several other instruments.

Join this event to enjoy amazing music, empower extremely talented hardworking women and support a your local venue <3

Photo by @philo_mena_w

Gefördert von der Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien & der Initiative Musik im Rahmen der Förderung „Neustart Kultur“.