Fr 31.03.2023 | 23:30 UHR

BEBEX – Volume II Lover’s Edition


Bebex is a new event series based in Berlin that is from LGBTQ BIPOC for LGBTQ BIPOC. We aspire to create a space in which we can all thrive & just simply enjoy the night without any worries. So make sure to put on your best attire and come as your best self. Polish up your shoes & dance with us into the night. Let’s take a moment to celebrate life & to cherish the love that surrounds us, together.

Of course there will be an awareness team available to ensure your safety & comfort. Bebex has a zero tolerance policy. Any kind of transgressive discrimination and harassment based on gender, appearance, sexual orientation, origin etc. will not be accepted. Any person who does not follow our party policy will be asked to leave the space immediately. We ask all our guests to care because we actively shape our space through our behavior.

2. different floors: genrefluid floor – with progressive, funky & afro electronic alternative floor – with electronic sounds from the middle east & SWANA region

About the DJ’s:

“JADA is a genrefluid DJ, dancer, interdisciplinary artist and curator based in Hamburg. Depending on the occasion, she creates experimental journeys with a mix of progressive, contemporary funky club music and organic, soulful sounds. Her musical selection and performance is influenced by her brazilian roots and the ballroom culture in which she is involved. Through DJing JADA gained experiences in various contexts – in clubs, as a ballroom/dance battle DJ in the german scene aswell as radio broadcast (HOER, lowergrandradio, sicnal) and overseas. You can catch her regularly at Toy Tonics Jams or at her resident Club Uebel&Gefaehrlich in Hamburg, where she also curates her Party Series ‘FOUBY’.“

“somali vendetta (they/them/King) is a queer Somali DJ based in Berlin. the genres of music they play are rather electric and depend on the vibe. it is afro electronic centred with a good mix of afrobeats. the selections are good because they are made for dancing.“