Sa 09.09.2023 | 21:00 UHR

1982 – Skeleton Limbs and Obscure Hymns XVII


Badehaus Berlin

Join us for the seventeenth night of blasphemy and debauchery at 1982 – Skeleton Limbs and Obscure Hymns! This time for our 5th anniversary celebration already. We can barely believe it!
Expect a wild mix of old and new goth, punk, post-punk and wave related music. We will spin passionate, energetic and danceable tunes away from the usual overplayed hits and dive into the depth of the music underground. You’ll be able to dance to stuff you always wanted to but never had the opportunity elsewhere.
(Check out our page for more impressions of what music to expect. We frequently post music there.)

LIVE on Stage:
– GrGr (Synth/Gameboy Punk, Neo-NDW, 8 Bit Wave)

– Ankou Morgue (1982)
– Passionate Bones (1982)
– Special Guest: Dr. Gregor Giesing (München)

Two rules: No overplayed hits! No Techno!
The party will be open end. As long as the bar is going well and we have a crowd left we can keep going until we drop!

Come dance and pogo with us like it’s 1982!
Invite your friends and let’s make this night a success for many more to come!